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Karakato Dzo
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello and welcome to my Page. Feel free to ask anything from me as I feel it would benefit both parties. That is all, Thank you, enjoy and free cakes for all.

What you should know about me:
1. I'm an aspiring Multimedia Arts student with a lot of groundwork to cover.
2. I am a generally nice person and am eager to practice my drawing skills so don't be afraid to ask me anything :3
3. KARAKATO DZO is not my real name. I prefer to work in mysterious ways... ooooohhhh....

Things I love to do... but not too great at doing:
- Fanarts
- Comic strips
- Animation
- Pixel art
- Writing... apparently
My my, does the year fly by. Here's my Wishlist for :iconrobot-rumpus:'s Secret Santa 2014:

1. Star man on ice w/ a rose in his mouth
2. Shadow Man looking up in the stars

1. Angel Woman (OC) with Tornado Man in the air. For reference: (DBN-001: Angel Woman)
2. Shade Man wise cracking on Shadow Man (Think Hitoshi Ariga)
3. Star Man and Top Man dancing (Waltz or Tango)
4. Roll whacking Magnet Man (who was holding a Mistletoe) with a broom
5. Proto Man and Quake Woman
6. Tengu Man vs. Oni Man (OC) For reference: (DBN-006: Oni Man)
1. Turbo Man, Ground Man and Nitro man posing ala Transformers (1985) movie poster.
2. Any of my OC Robot Masters.

To my Secret Santa, If any of the choices seem too much to you, you can change the scenario, go nuts I wont mind. I'll be happy with anything drawn for me :D


DBN-000: Base Man by KarakatoDzo
DBN-000: Base Man
Designed after the prototype DLN-000, Base Man was built with a basic body frame and serves as a basic fundamental reference for future robot masters. Because of this, he can learn any function, skill or battle pattern installed in his data. Despite all of this, Base Man is relatively harmless as he lacks any form of lethal weapon or super human strength though he is quite durable making him popular for target practice. Despite all the beatings, Base Man still believes he can prove his worth to the other Robot Masters... much to their laughter.

"Groan... Disarmed again."

Good Point: Persevering
Bad Point: Klutz

Likes: Standing Out
Dislikes: Mockery

For comparison's sake here is his 2013 version: BDN-008(?): N00B Man

Mega Man (c) CAPCOM
DBN-008: Drain Man by KarakatoDzo
DBN-008: Drain Man
The only Robot of the eight created by Dr. Ray Blewilt, Drain Man is built to supply energy for the doctor by absorbing them from anything organic or mechanical. He finds pleasure in satisfying his hunger and won't give any second thoughts on what or who he will drain dry. If he's low in power, Drain Man will detach his body parts and fly off to the nearest power source. It is rumored that some of his parts are of alien origin.

"Now I got your power!" 

Good Point: Clean Eater
Bad Point: Sadistic

Likes: Unlimited Power
Dislikes: Parasites

Since this guy was made recently, I have no old drawing of him for comparison's sake. With that, I now have the eight Blewilt Numbers. Hope you enjoy.

Mega Man (c) CAPCOM 

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