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Karakato Dzo
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello and welcome to my Page. Feel free to ask anything from me as I feel it would benefit both parties. That is all, Thank you, enjoy and free cakes for all.

What you should know about me:
1. I'm an aspiring Multimedia Arts student with a lot of groundwork to cover.
2. KARAKATO DZO is not my real name. I prefer to work in mysterious ways... ooooohhhh....

Things I love to do:
- Fanarts
- Comic strips
- Animation
- Pixel art
- Writing... apparently
Logo by KarakatoDzo

Hello everyone, here are some updates regarding the MaGMMRM contest:

Judging Period

I would like to announce that as of this writing, the judging period for the Make a Good Mega Man Robot Master Contest is still ongoing. You can expect the results in a month and a half, which would be late April to early May. I understand that is a long time to wait but since we have received a lot of entries this time around and since a good number of the judges are busy with irl work, I thought it would be fair to give them more time for this without compromising their other duties. Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated. Now to the entries themselves...

Public Entry List Released

The total umber of entries we have received is 191. That is significantly more than we have expected. I'd like to thank you all who have submitted to this contest and those who have shown their support. Since I wouldn't want to keep you guys waiting too long in the dark, I decided to create a public entry list with the generous help of Neognw (An amazing artist who you can follow on his Twitter page) These lists contain all the entry pics as well as their write ups.

Just an important reminder before looking on: Since the judging period is still taking place, Please do not spoil your entries or give away names of the people who have made other entries. Leaking an entry at this point can still lead to point deductions. If you are an entrant who leaks someone else's entry, your own entry will automatically be disqualified so please keep things anonymous, thank you and enjoy. 

Here are the Public Entry lists:
Category A Entry List
Category B Entry List
Category C Entry List
Disqualified Entries
Public Entry Masterlist (Contains additional images of the entries)

MAGMMRM People's Choice Awards


Since the judging period will take a while, we have prepared a small contest to pass the time. In this awards contest, it's not the judges who get to decide which is the best entry but instead that s up for you the public to decide. In this voting contest, you get to decide who is the best robot master among 5 categories:
  • Udon Award - Favorite Design
  • Light Award - Most Creative Desgin
  • Tempo Award - Best Write-up/ Backstory
  • Toad Man Award - Best Boss Fight
  • Sakugarne Award - Best Robot Master Weapon
For each category, you will vote among the top 5 entries (based on who received the most nominations). The winners of this mini contest will have their Robot Master put into the MaGMML3's hub world as a NPC. If a winning robot master is also a winner of the main contest, then the runner up from the same category will claim the prize. You have one week from now to vote so what are you waiting for? Get voting and good luck to all the finalists!
  • Listening to: Insaneintherain
  • Reading: Smoke and Mirrors
  • Watching: Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory
  • Playing: KotOR
  • Eating: crow
  • Drinking: Water


Boom Man (Mega Man Rock Force)
JMN-004: Boom Man

Boom Man guards a demolitions depot somewhere in the deserts of Arizona. Occasionally, he is used to help with actual demolition works with his powerful Phantom Fuse. Though he was programmed as a bit of a macho man, many can sense a bit of an overcompensation with his neverending manly quotes and mentions of robot women. It's as though constantly working around explosive material has put him on edge, though he would never admit to it. The bomb fuse on his head is purely for aesthetic appeal, but the electronic fuses in his body can be easily disrupted by high voltage attacks. 

Here's Pulse Man's Identical twin brother, Fuse Boom Man. But seriously, the two look really similar. Like all of the bosses, he's got a pretty cool weapon. Hope this will keep you Enlightened until the next RM. 

JMN-001: Crypt Man
JMN-002: Pulse Man
JMN-003: Virus Man
JMN-005: Photon Man
JMN-006: Shock Man
JMN-007: Circuit Man
JMN-008: Charade Man
JMN-009: Terror Man
JMN-010: Thrill Man
JMN-011: Plague Man
DLN-???: Justice Man

UPDATE: Due to There being an official Fuse man for MM11, The creator changed this RM's name to Boom Man.

Mega Man (c) CAPCOM
Mega Man Rock Force by goldwater  
Block Man (Mega Man 11)
So I'm a bit late to the party but yeah, Mega Man is back baby! I just wanted to draw the new Robot Master (who we currently don't know the name of as of this date) in another particular style. I never felt this excited since the speculations of the MM9 silhouettes back in 2008. I cannot wait to see the rest of the robot masters (And the release of the game itself.)

UPDATE: Looks like he has a final name. Behold, Block Man.

Mega Man (c) CAPCOM
Plague Man (Mega Man Rock Force)
JMN-011: Plague Man

Plague Man led a miserable existence before his eventual demise. Designed to travel the world and filter waste water with his mouth, he at least took solace in knowing that he provided an essential service for humanity. However, once clean water became more of an accessible resource, Plague Man was transferred to a waste treatment facility where his contributions were largely made redundant by bigger, less intelligent machines. Forgotten about and mostly useless, Plague Man pressed forward with his duties, even when the severely toxic waste began corroding his joints. As time went on, he began to resent his creators and the humans responsible for the constant influx of waste. Workers often swore they heard him muttering "disgusting creatures" when they walked nearby him. Eventually, he begged to be scrapped.

Here's the next Fusion Master from Rock Force, Plague Man, the combination of Pulse Man and Virus Man. Makes sense given the sickly nature of Plague. Listen to his theme song remastered by MiniMacro here:…

JMN-001: Crypt Man

JMN-002: Pulse Man
JMN-003: Virus Man
JMN-004: Fuse Man
JMN-005: Photon Man
JMN-006: Shock Man
JMN-007: Circuit Man
JMN-008: Charade Man
JMN-009: Terror Man
JMN-010: Thrill Man
DLN-???: Justice Man

Mega Man (c) CAPCOM
Mega Man Rock Force by goldwater
Orbit Woman (Mega Man Shattered Diamond)
DDN-006: Orbit Woman

Orbit Woman was designed by Dr. Dawn as a lunar research and monitoring robot. From her post on the moon, Orbit Woman is responsible for facilitating current research into the moon’s scientific history, as well as monitoring weather on Earth from a state-of-the-art lunar station. Orbit Woman is quite absorbed with her work, and can have a tendency to talk about it for long periods of time if she isn’t interrupted. Simply put, she’s somewhat of a space nerd, something Dr. Dawn deliberately added to her personality to make her more dedicated to her work.

After being reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, Orbit Woman has taken over the moon, issuing a number of nonsensical requests while holding the human researchers hostage.

Good Point: Knowledgeable
Bad Point: Annoying

Likes: Space operas
Dislikes: Boring Earth robots

It's been a while folks, but after adjusting to a new job and having attended to some personal matters, I am back with some more artworks lined up. Let's start with another of Mega Man SD's RM's. A few years back, she was actually male and her old design was... not really good: Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Listen to her stage theme by Goldenshades Here:…

Special Thanks to NeoMan95 for making the base sketch.

Here are the other Robot Masters:
DDN-002: Switch Man
DDN-007: Tsunami Man

Mega Man owned by CAPCOM
Mega Man SD by Team Circadia 
Orbit Woman Designed by NeoMan95 



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